Cultural Awareness

Over the past few weeks there have been numerous natural disasters that have hit near the Hanover area.  I think of the horrific flooding in Ellicott City, the historic flooding of the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry, and the tornadoes in Wilkes Barre last week.  With all the flooding and severe weather I am reminded of how thankful I am for the National Weather Service that helps us be aware of these disasters before they happen.  The “weather awareness” that we have in our day is beneficial, but I wonder how much we are aware of what’s going on in our culture?
I’m not talking about the latest legislation, Supreme Court ruling, or even presidential tweet, I’m talking about the attitudes, actions, and ideals that those around us evidence.  We are told in Scripture to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matt. 10:16).  I wonder if we are aware of those around us, or if our AirPods/headphones insulate us from the outside?  We are all being cultured by something, whether it be TV, social media, or books.  How much are you being cultured by God’s Word?  Is the Word of God changing you as it renews your mind every day (Rom. 12:1-2)?  May God help us to be culturally aware in this fast-paced day that we live.  
Challenge:  Engage with someone you don’t know and listen to their story and get to know them.  Work at understanding what they believe and where they have gotten their beliefs from.