“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”  (Matt. 5:16)
Jesus has begun His public ministry, and this “Sermon on the Mount” in Matthew 5-7 records for us the principles of His rule.  He starts with the Beatitudes in verses 3-12 that tell us that Jesus kingdom is not like any other earthly kingdom. Who would begin their rule by blessing the poor in spirit?  Yet, Jesus is not speaking of an earthly rule but of a Spiritual Rule in the heart. When love enters the heart of a person their whole set of priorities changes.  They want to be with the one they love, they spend time doing the things the other enjoys, they want to learn about the others desires and cares, and begin to care for the people the other person loves. This is the kind of change that Jesus is speaking about. He then tells us that “we are the light of the world,” (vs. 14).  But this is not our light. Our light, by nature, is centered on ourselves and cares only for our perspective or wants.  Our light is dim and limited in time and brightness because of our short life and sin nature. What Jesus is speaking about is the light that we bear because we are His children.  The light of life given to us by the One who is the “Light of the World,” (John 8:12).  Our light is given to us by Christ as we learn of Him. He has saved us so that we can reflect the glory of Christ to a world that does not know Christ.  The mechanic that hums a hymn while he works because he is thinking of some truth he read in the Word of God or heard in Sunday School or Church, shines a light to those around him and gives him an opportunity to speak of his Savior.  The believer who bows his head to pray at a restaurant and gives thanks to God shines his light. The world needs to see believers who reflect the light of love that Christ has demonstrated to them. It is easy to see the darkness, it is all around us, but lights stand out if they are allowed to shine.